Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Picked my Gym

Last night my wife and I joined the uppity gym. We got in with no contract term and a $79 joiners fee. After my company subsidy, it will cost us $90 a month as a couple. Given the location and hours, it should work well. It's also supposed to be a social club, but I don't see us participating in that aspect. Maybe we'll use the outdoor pool in the evenings sometimes.

The great part is, since I'll only be spending $40 a month to train, I can justify putting it on the back burner to some extent. This will let me focus totally on a strong start at the new job. My program will be simple and breaks down like this:

1. Lift on an lower / upper split, at 6am on Mon / Tues and Thurs / Fri.
2. Optional grip work or strength endurance work at home on Wed / Sat
3. Follow a moderate cutting diet, based on my nutritional template
4. Make a point to be asleep by 9pm, the alarm will be set for 5am

Based on prior experience, this is a program I can recover from. My grip and kettlebell work won't improve in the short term, but I am ok with that. I can build strength once I finish the cut.

My nutritional template needs to adjust based upon this schedule change. Since I will not be eating breakfast at home, whole wheat cereal on training days is out of the question. Instead, I'll have a yogurt before leaving for the gym. After I get done training, I'll eat a peanut butter sandwich and a protein shake.

The Nitrean protein arrived last night. It seems decent, with a similar flavor and ease of mixing as the EAS protein I've been using. It also digests well. I'll probably buy it again.

The only thing left to do for my new job is laundry. I might actually lift weights today.