Friday, June 13, 2008


I went to yoga with my Mom at LA Fitness this morning. The class was toned down a bit, due to a large number of new members. They let me in free, so I have no complaints. It was still very much worth my time. Yoga with my Mom is one of the things I will miss most about being unemployed. This time I even managed to talk her into Starbucks. A maple pecan scone tastes even better after yoga.

It looks like the 6am lifting sessions will definitely happen. My wife has agreed to deal with me getting up early, provided I go to bed at a reasonable hour. If the sports gym does not work out, there is a good chance she will also join the cushy one and come with in the mornings. I am still playing phone tag with the trainer from the sports gym, but intend to have this tied up early next week.

This evening I invested in fitted shirts and dress pants at Khols. For some reason the only style of Dockers that fit me were $10 extra per pair. At least they had clothes cut for a person with normal proportions. Today's shopping brings me to two weeks worth of well fitting dress clothes. After this summer's cut, maybe I'll get them tailored.