Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grip and Conditioning

This morning I had an hour to train and motivation:

Warm Up on Grippers and Kettlebell Swings
25lb Block Weight Cleans and Deadlifts between sets of walks
6lb Sledge Overhead Levers at 18-20"
6lb Sledge Front Levers at 10-12"

Weighted walks: Out / Back
16k Overhead / 16k Overhead
16k's Racked / 16k's Farmers
20k Overhead / 20k Overhead
20k's Racked / 20k's Farmers
16k Bottoms Up / 16k Bottoms Up
16k's Overhead / 16k's Overhead

Grip. Stability. Conditioning. Today's session was everything the 5 Seasons is not. I enjoyed it.