Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Basic Exercise

Yesterday I played DDR for around an hour, setting several new records on Expert level songs. Given that I have not played for several months, I have to attribute my success to the Earth shoes. The negative heel has made my feet much more tolerant of bouncing around on the DDR pad. Awesome.

Today I made a point to leave work at 5, with the intent of running and lifting. I got in from my 3 mile run just in time to meet my wife on her way home. It turns out she had a crummy day at work, so my lifting time went to her instead. A worthy trade off - I'll lift tomorrow.

My nutrition still has large room for improvement. The fact that I did not eat out today or yesterday is an accomplishment, sadly. The microwave does appear to help in a small way. Ultimately I need to refocus to make significant progress on the body composition front. For now, however, I lack motivation.

UPS tracking says my new computer will be delivered to my work tomorrow. I am super excited!