Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Limited Activity

Last night I was wound up from lifting and worked until around 11:15. I'd guess I only got 6.5 hours of sleep.

Today I woke up tired and became achey through the course of the day. Due to my fatigue, I ate poorly while at work - protein shake, granola bar, football sized burrito, chips, and two 3" chocolate chip cookies. Food is a surprisingly good substitute for sleep in the short term. I did at least go for a mile walk in the early evening.

Unfortunately, it has become clear that I am getting sick again. Working with so many new people who have children, it is unclear whether I have any real control over this. My pattern recognition is certainly tingling.

Fortunately I have VPN access setup for work as a result of the prior cold, and construction on my roof is complete. Compared to last time, I am much better equipped to moderate my activity if needed. I know the VPN works, because I used it again this evening for more work. I think my phase of the crunch time is almost complete.