Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moving Forward

Today I walked around 5 miles. I also ate out quite a bit.

I am making a few changes to my lifestyle, in an effort to kick start progress:

1. The microwave has been broken for the past month. My credit card shows I ate out 18 times in that period, which excludes the 2x a week my work brings in food for us. I think there is a relation and am making a point to get the microwave fixed this week.

2. I am pushing to get back on eating my home food for lunch at work, ideally 3-4x a week. The cottage cheese had gotten boring, so I went to whole foods yesterday and bought 3 weeks worth of Tofurkey slices. This should make another significant impact on my diet.

3. Rather than focus on strength training as my primary source of activity, I am now looking it as a 2-3x a week add on to my goal of daily activity. Walking and running will form a significant component of this general activity, but I may also bike, rollerblade, play DDR, or do some other crazy stuff.

4. I've invested a couple bucks in improving my home gym, since that's where most of my training will take place. I ordered a pair of ab slings to help work my way up to an L-sit. I also ordered - brace for it - a unicycle! I doubt I will be very good at it, but it should be fun to try and help create daily activity. A metal DDR pad is on the short list come Winter.

5. The internet and video games have been eating too much of my valuable time with meaningless activity. As a strong introvert, the social stresses of starting a new job caused me to look for isolated electronic outlets for my free time. Now that I have settled into what appears to be my best job to date, I need to move back to a more balanced lifestyle. Initially, I have shifted video games out as a priority and am reducing my daily internet commitments.

6. Moving forward, I resume my bowling league next week. I'll also have the daily activity to distract me in the evenings and really look forward to training in my home gym again. I have a new book I really enjoy and am making a point to spend time walking outside with my wife.

I suspect these changes will lead to a happier life overall, regardless of the impact on my training.