Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poor Training Week

This morning I stretched for 20 minutes. It is the most training I've done since Monday.

I got sick with something that absolutely wrecked me. Wednesday I went home from work at 1pm. That night, my wife said I was shaking the bed so hard with my chills that she couldn't sleep. Thursday I stayed home sick and spent the entire time sleeping. I missed my favorite day of the work week and couldn't even enjoy being home. I ached from so much consecutive time sleeping.

Friday I was back at work, functional but still sick. This weekend has been continued down time. We did order the microwave yesterday evening (online) and have an installation guy to call once it arrives. Over the range microwaves are hardly worth the trouble IMO, but it's what this house requires.

My unicycle came. I put it together, but the seat is too tall for me. I need to figure out the proper way of shortening it without damaging the bike. It will be some time before it fits in my priority list though. I have a lot of catching up to do now that I feel better.

I will pursue some light activity Tuesday. With bowling tonight, I expect an early evening Monday.