Monday, September 29, 2008

Upper at Home

I made a point to leave work on time and get home for today's training session. Even the abbreviated workout with what I consider light weights was challenging. I think I underestimated the ground lost while I was sick.

Today I did the  following:

Warm Up - 12/12 Swings x 12k
Kettlebell Snatches - 5/5 x 16k, 20k, 24k
Overhead Press - 5 x 20k; 3/3 x 40k, 40k, 40k, 40k
Turkish Get Ups - 3/3 x 12k, 16k, 16k
Renegade Rows - 5/5 x 16k, 16k, 16k
Knee Raises - 8, 5

I am shocked at how hard the snatches were. I stopped with one set with the 24k, since even with the sock on my hand I was afraid of skin tears. Everything is down, but at least it should be easy to bring back up.

My nutrition was a little better today. I ate all of the foods I am supposed to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This included two protein shakes. I also had a scone from Starbucks and a bag of Doritos, but all those calories are doing is keeping me out of a deficit. The junk also curbed my desire for a meal out.

I'll may go for a run or do a lower body workout tomorrow. It depends how I feel. Recovery first.