Sunday, September 7, 2008


This evening I finally made time to process videos to go online. Here we go:

08-02-2008 Grip Together
Mike on the Axle -
Steve on the Axle -

Mike and Steve both got some time in on my FBBC axle. The full set of bumper plates looks massive on the bar.

08-09-2008 Test Day
1/3 BW Kettlebell Press -
1/3 BW Double KB Squat -

These lifts are rather anti-climatic. I've hit the valley where I am skinny enough to be small, but not lean enough to be muscular. The weights are usually relatively easy for me, but due to a depleted state I found them challenging. I think they are a testament to the fact that it is time to evolve my training approach.

Fourteen Dollar Kettlebell
2/2 Snatches -

"It has a handle like a kettlebell, I bet I can rack it!" - That's the first thing I thought of when this showed up on my porch. Amusingly, my wife was far more impressed by lifting this than any of my other kettlebell lifts, even the 36k one arm snatch. Go figure.