Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week in Denver

I spent last week in Denver for project management training. Between the convention and time spent with my wife, exercise was out. Given the slight cold I arrived with, I did not even try to hit the gym. I am sure the thin air would have made things difficult. I did walk several miles each day, though that was balanced by eating out every single meal, including 2 snacks a day. The convention center fed us quite well.

I expected to return to the weights early this week, but my wife now has the flu. Training continues to take a back seat to staying healthy. I am focused on transitioning back to a standard, low stress work week. I managed to both take lunch and leave on time today and yesterday. I need to keep that pattern up. Trying too hard was stressing me out and tanking my immune system.

My original plan upon returning was to eliminate all refined grains from my diet. That has not panned out. There's no excuse, just a lack of motivation. It's fun to snack on cookies after lunch and none of my current lifestyle priorities rely on not eating them. My weight has bumped back up to the mid-160's, but the only impact is on my training goals.