Friday, November 28, 2008


Today I wanted to keep the streak of every other day sessions alive, but needed a little variation:

Warm up with 12k Kettlebell
Front Squats - 8 x BW, 12k, 16k, 24k, 24k
Renegade Rows - 8/8 x 16k, 16k
Double Clean - 5 x 16k's
Double Clean and Press - 5 x 16k's, 16k's, 16k's
Windmills - 5/5 x BW

Nothing extreme this evening, my body still needs to return to alignment. I spent around 45 minutes stretching last night. Today my shoulder stability showed definite progress. I am way, way out of shape though.

This weekend has been productive for removing the burden of excessive possessions. Yesterday I sold 14 boxes of old clothes. Today I shipped off a few things that sold online and unloaded a car full of stuff to the Amvets trailer at Walmart. Just moments ago, someone hauled off the last remaining item - an old exercise bike I tagged with "Free" and stuck at the end of the driveway. It takes more effort to see my unwanted things are reused instead of thrown away, but I really gain satisfaction from doing so.

My life continues to simplify, and my training is better for it.