Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seeking Alignment

Over the past week I succeeded in my primary goal of reducing work related stress. My high pressure project is finishing up. On new projects, I am accounting for work / life balance when committing to estimates. I did not improve my nutrition - quite the opposite in fact. My habit of eating out every day is alive and strong. Ah well.

I did gain the motivation to train a little today. Unfortunately, it came from tweaking my knee while bowling yesterday. The misalignment that has accumulated from three weeks of little to no training coupled with lots of sitting did not fit well with heaving a bowling ball. I don't think any lasting damage is present, but I am being cautious. I also picked up a used book on bowling and will refine my movements.

Yesterday afternoon I did some light kettlebell swings and sumo deadlifts. Today I did some moderate weight deadlifts, light front squats, walks with a kettlebell overhead, and a set of knee raises. In the morning I also spent 45 minutes doing soft tissue work and stretching. The airex balance pad I got earlier this week is awesome for kneeling stretches.

I will spend this week attending to my body's need for alignment. Until my knee feels better, I am sure my motivation will be fine. Following recovery, I am not sure where things are headed. My biggest motivator for training was the frustration I felt in my old job. Lacking a sufficient channel for professional achievement or peering, I used the weights to create purpose.

The growth that came first with unemployment, and then with my new job, has changed things. I am invested in my career, on a path I find highly engaging. Going home on time is hard because I like what I am doing and enjoy the time spent working. Without that professional discontent, I am not sure where the drive to train comes from.

This is a good problem to have, but I would like the answer as well