Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slow Return

I finally did a bit of lifting this afternoon - one set of each of the following:

12k Swings
12k Snatches
12k Bottoms Up Presses
Split Squats
BW Squats

Things are creaky, to say the least.

I have given up on training in the garage. Last year when I was walking to and from work in the cold, I could barely find it in myself to lift outside. The creature comforts with my new job change that balance. I get home and have zero inclination to invest time in an unheated room. My weights started their migration into the basement this afternoon.

Over the past three weeks my knee has healed up. I've also aligned other pieces of my life. Computing has made the leap from a 5 year old laptop to a new desktop with a RAID array and 22" flat screen monitor. I spent quite a bit of time sorting my possessions and filtering out those things I no longer need. Home life has become simpler, with fewer obligations or time sinks.

For the most part, I have solved my nutrition problem, since peaking at a high weight of 169. Two lifestyle changes have helped:

1. I accept the fact that I will eat the free food at work. It is now planned into my meals and grocery shopping.
2. With the tightening economy, I am aggressively saving to paying off our 2nd mortgage, eliminating most meals out.

My build is quickly returning to normal with these changes in place. A little training will have me back at a fit 160 by years end.