Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Dizzy

I am still struggling with making my workouts. I need to figure it out, but at least today I got something in:

Warm Up with 12k Kettlebell
KB Snatches: 8/8 x 16k, 20k, 24k, 24k
Split Squats: 8/8 x BW, 12k, 12k
Bottoms Up Press: 8/8 x 16k, 16k
Grippers - Reps with Trainer and #1

I skipped renegade rows due to getting rather dizzy during the split squats and presses. I jumped the snatches up pretty quickly and my conditioning is not really there for it. The 24k bell just feels far more comfortable due to a narrower handle than my 20k one.

It looks like I'll be parting with my 40k kettlebell tomorrow morning for a mere $100. I guess it is a good lesson in the economy of buying only what I need. My 8 45lb plates are still up for sale, who knows how low I'll have to go to move them. Once this stuff is gone, I've got a pile of grip tools to move on the gripboard. I hope to have my gym fully consolidated and in the basement by year end.

I bought my first car today. Even though I've been driving it for the past 6 months, owning it feels different.

Some kettlbell infomercial came out and is advertising online, on my blog of all places! The product is terrible, but the video is entertaining and the ad pays well when someone clicks it. Not sure what to do next? Clicky clicky...