Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dew Point

In the past week, the weather has gone from below zero, to heavy snow, to over 50 degrees and raining. Today's warm weather with heavy fog made everything metal in my garage sweat...

I spent the day wiping off equipment and carrying it downstairs. 650lbs of iron later, I am tired and the basement is a mess.

I have decided to keep the power rack but still need to bring it inside. The tool is versatile enough to justify the space requirements. I did decide to part with an old olympic barbell, olympic dumbbells, spikes, horseshoes, two Chicago phone books, a weight attachment for a lifting belt, and a 10lb sledge hammer head. I am still debating on the 35lb plates and duffel I planned to make a sandbag with.

I realize now that I became a collector of strength training equipment. I am not sure when it happened, but the volume of metal accumulated was excessive. My identity has been tied up in the fact that I lift weights, which lead to me view each new purchase as a personal improvement. Recognizing this indicates my priorities have shifted. I want lifting to be something I do, not how I define who I am.