Monday, January 19, 2009

Lower in the Basement

This one comes after a few more days off than planned. I intend to make the week one of upper / lower splits, with DDR on Wednesday and the weekend. Sufficient food and rest is a must.

Warm Up - 12k Kettlebell
Deadlifts with Band - 8 x 60k, 160lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs
Front Squat - 8 x 20k, 65lbs, 85lbs; 5 x 85lbs, 85lbs
Split Squat - 8/8 x BW, 10lbs, 10lbs, 10lbs
Side Bridges - 60s/60s x BW, BW
Grippers - Reps on Trainer, #1, BBSA

Given my slowly falling weight and an extremely busy weekend, I am happy with this training session. I did some DDR this past Sunday and Friday, along with a little stretching on Saturday.