Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lower in the Basement

I did this one while watching Hancock. It's not bad:

Warm Up - 12k Kettlebell
KB Squats to Box - 8 x BW, 16k, 24k, 16k's, 20k's, 20k's, 20k's
Deadlifts - 8 x 60k, 165lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs
Split Squats - 8/8 x BW, 15lbs, 15lbs, 15lbs, 15lbs
Grippers - Reps on Trainer, #1, BBSA

My hips have been feeling tight, so I put squats first and did more sets. Given the problems I have with the exercise, I think this is a smart move. Deadlifts were dropped a little to compensate. I lacked the focus to do my side bridges.

Upper tomorrow. This weekend I'll play some DDR and go for a walk or two. The weather is going to be nice.