Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lower in the Basement

Coming off a long weekend. I felt pretty good.

Warm Up - 12k Kettlebell
Front Squats to Box - 8 x BW, 20k, 40k, 40k, 40k, 40k
Deadlifts w/ Band - 8 x 60k, 85k, 90k, 90k
Leg Raises - 8 x BW, BW, BW
Grippers - Reps on Trainer, #1, BBSA

Front have found their way back into the rotation, primarily because the kettlebells are irritating the skin on my forearms. Given that the 24k's are the heaviest pair of kettlebells I have, this is a fine time to switch. I might alternate between the two implements, we'll see. I kept the weight lower to give my hands time to re-accommodate to the stretch.