Sunday, July 19, 2009

Upper in the Basement

Warm Up - 12k Kettlebell
Turkish Get Ups - 3/3 x 10k, 35lbs; 2/2 x 45lbs, 45lbs;
KB Snatch - 8/8 x 16k, 20k, 20k
One Arm Press - 8/8 x 16k, 16k
Renegade Rows - 8/8 x 16k, 16k
Leg Raises - 8 x BW
Grippers - Reps on Trainer, #1, BBSA

The first season of fight quest is on Netflix - 13 episodes. The one I saw today was great. I know what I'll be watching for the next 12 workouts.

The body doesn't open up much training twice a week. Maybe my frequency will increase next week.