Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011-2012 Goals

1. Master the 24k kettlebell

Loosely based on the strength standards for the RKC:


1.1 Double presses - 5x5

1.2 Double front squats - 5x5

1.3 Double Swings 5x10

1.4 Turkish Getup - 3x3/3

1.5 100 snatches in 5 minutes

1.6 Unweighted pullups 1x5


I am starting at 3x3 on the presses, 3x2 on the squats, 1x10 on the swings, 1x1/1 on the getups, 100 snatches in 10 minutes, and no pullups. Body weight is 215. Video of met goals will be posted.


2. Eat on $4 a day 

The $4 includes all groceries and alcohol. It excludes eating out, typically 1-2x a week. I am starting just above $4 a day. Averages will be calculated with every major grocery shop.


3. Become competitive in the local pool tournament 

The local pool hall hosts double elimination tournaments every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I consider competitive as winning matches against at least 2 people in a night. I play once or twice a month and am starting with zero wins over 4 tournaments. I did take one match down to a final shot on the eight, where I scratched.


4. Maintain my home 

4.1 Caulk the shower

4.2 Repair the screens

4.3 Power wash and stain the deck

4.4 Fix the bedroom pocket door

4.5 Setup the fireplace

4.6 Clean the dryer vent hose

4.7 Inspect the attic


My house is gradually falling apart. I need to learn how to take care of it, hiring professional help when appropriate. Starting out, about all I can do is unclog a drain. I did replace the kitchen faucet, but it took me 4 hours.


5. Excel as a software quality engineer

5.1 Script system wide regression tests

5.2 Automate system wide regression tests

5.3 Introduce targeted security vulnerability assessments

5.4 Accelerate existing automated vulnerability scans

5.5 Evaluate automated vulnerability scanner website integration

5.6 Support at least one additional developer

5.7 Adopt use of join syntax in SQL queries

5.8 Introduce regular monitoring of unhandled system exceptions


Project manager at a small company is an encompassing title. While I do run projects and design the majority of our system changes, I am also responsible for quality. My boss values improvements here the most, so I will focus on them.