Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 11 of 365 - Recovering

This past week did not go as planned. I got too little sleep, did waaay too much sitting and found myself unable to attend the RKC today. My body was so misaligned this morning, that just walking around cramped up the muscles in my lower back. That's never a good sign, so I settled for just light walking and a little stretching today.

Most of the walking was done in Sams club, investigating if shopping there would lower my grocery bill. It was a total fail. Despite the "exclusive" membership and massive containers, the prices aren't any better than what I find at Aldi or on sale at Meijer.  Add in the membership fees and poor selection, and it turns out warehouse stores aren't for me.

I expect to lift tomorrow and maybe even shoot some pool. No tournaments until at least next Monday though. I have too many unexpected demands on my time and the pool tournament is one of the easiest things to drop.