Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2 of 365 - Even Earlier

Warm Up - 10 minutes on Elliptical, 10 resistance, Cross ramp from 10 to 20
Stretch and Foam Roller
Wide Grip Deadlifts - 5 x 20k, 60k, 80k, 80k; 3 x 196lbs, 216lbs
Goblet Squats - 5 x BW, 12k, 24k
KB Front Squats - 5 x 16k's, 16k's, 16k's
Dynamic Pinch 5/5 x 9.25, 9.25, 9.25

My schedule for today required getting up at 6 to fit my lifting in. If not for the fact that I am working towards my goals, I would've just pushed this one to tomorrow.

I had to skip the pool tournament last night to make this work. It's just as well, I did a 10-ball test instead. I normally score around 15-20 out of 100, last night I got 9. I did try breaking with a rail bridge on the last rack. It's the only one where I actually sunk balls on the break, so I'll try it some more next time.