Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 49 of 365 - Recovery and Planning

Walked 2-3 miles
45 minutes of stretching and mobility

I will lift this week, but the sessions will be compromised.

I have been thinking about my $4 a day meal goal. I may have enough experience at cooking inexpensively that my limiting factor is just planning. I need to price out a selection of my common meals and figure out how or if the $4 days fit together.

My recent decision to include healthy fats makes the goal much harder. Guac is 50 cents a serving, flax oil 25 cents, sesame oil 50 cents, extra virgin olive oil 25 cents. My rough estimate is 33 cents additional per meal, potentially getting down to 25 cents per meal if I focus on flax, olive and canola oil. That leaves a little over a buck a meal for the remaining ingredients.

I think the key is going to be a pattern that looks like:

Breakfast - Oatmeal + Tea during the week; Pancakes + Fake bacon + Tea on weekends
Lunch - Batch cooked bean meal w/ TVP for protein + frozen veg
Dinner - Stir fry, pasta, scratch pizza or tostadas + salad;
Snacks - Popcorn, mixed nuts, fruit
Drinks - Water and Tea. Alcohol very sparingly.

The main challenge is fitting in one of my favorite meals - a plate of assorted fresh vegs, nuts, fruit, and hummus with whole wheat naan or wheat crackers with cheese. The meal runs $2-3. Buying it at the store requires comitting to enough ingredients for 4-5 meals. I have to run under on the other meals to balance this one out. It's not getting cut.

Beer is a similar story. I like to have one or two a week. I've learned most times MGD at 50 cents a can makes me as happy as Belgian ale at $3 a bottle. More MGD, less Belgain ale is a start, but I'm not going go entirely without exceptional quality beer.

I know people are eating on well $80 a month. I still think $120 is a generous goal. Once I pull all the levers I can figure out, if I am not there, I will reach out to some of those people for advice specific to my personal situation.