Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 139 of 365 - Upper

Warm Up
Elliptical - 5 minutes over 160bpm, stop under 130bpm
Foam roller and mobility with 12k kettlebell

Bench Press - 3 x 45, 80, 95; 10 x 105lbs
One Arm Rows - 5 x 8 x 24k
KB Clean and Press - 5 x 9 x 16k's

Heart rate is getting up to 171bpm during my warm up, at level 14 on the elliptical. I will hold my warm ups here for awhile, until I have trouble staying over 160bpm.

Bench was easy. I am limiting progress here for the sake of letting my shoulders adjust. They seem to be going along with it.

Clean and presses were near the limits of my work capacity. Given the upcoming grip contest, I made a point to catch each rep in my fingers. The forearm pump was severe. I think this will help me on the 100lb plate hold for time, as well as the wrist developer event. I am not willing to buy either piece of equipment to practice, so this is a decent alternative.