Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 188 of 365 - Front Squats

Warm Up
Elliptical - 10 minutes at level 12, cool down to < 130bpm
Foam roller and mobility with 12k kettlebell

Front Squat to Box - 5 x BW, 45, 95, 110, 125lbs
DO Axle Deads (35lb plates / band on knee) - 5 x 10 x 143lbs
BW Calf Raises - 5 x 20 x BW

The squats were tough, no doubt. Extra reps were not happening this morning.

Deadlifts were easy on set 1, a struggle by set 5. I need to hang out at this weight for awhile.

Reverse lunges are not happening. My feet feel weak and unstable under the load, so I am going to use calf raises to get them in balance.