Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 195 of 365 - Yoga

I attended an evening yoga class. It was rewarding. With everything being new, I am learning tons during each session.

My first class was labeled basic. This one was all levels. There were many, many more moves. I wrote down the names I could remember, so I can learn what they are supposed to look like off the internet. Fortunately my memory is pretty good, because I have a list of about 50 different moves to learn.

The class is Vinyasa flow, so we switch movements every 15-30 seconds. There just is not enough time to copy the other people before the next move. Also, everyone does it differently, so the goal position is unclear. To create the structure I like, I'll probably use video to analyze my movements relative to online videos. While I am so far below the rest of the class, I feel compelled to improve. That might not be the point of yoga, but it is how I am wired.

I did rip the skin on my big toe open, so I definitely will not return to class until Sunday. Improvement is very addictive, but I am not taping my foot up just to stretch. I tried a yoga toes towel that goes over the mat. It did stop me from slipping in down dog, however I think it is also lead to the skin tear.

The spiritual component is lost on me so far. Laying still at the end of class feels like an eternity.