Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 200 of 365 - Yoga

What better to do on Sunday morning at 8am than attend a yoga class? My 3rd session of Vinyasa flow yoga went pretty well. I finished the session tired and sweaty, but with no skin tears. Instead of using a towel on my entire matt, I used a hand towel only towards the very end of class. Much better.

The early morning session only had around 5 students in it, so the teacher was able to demonstrate moves at the front of the class. My Mom uses the same yoga studio and was there, so I totally ended up copying her as well. The only problem is she is waaay better at the yoga than me, haha. My poor broken ego.

I was able to focus on synchronizing my breathing with my movement for the first 15 minutes of class or so, but as I started to gas out, it fell apart. I did much better in down and up dog, but am having problems with chaturanga. My crummy right shoulder does not like holding the bottom of a pushup. My Mom showed me a modification I will try next session. Until I can get the Vinyasa straightened out, I am not going to worry much about the other movements.

In talking about the class, I learned there is a relatively fixed structure to how it progresses. Once you can memorize the structure and know the moves, it becomes much easier to keep up. I have started breaking the structure down for myself, along with the associated moves for each class segment. I might not be physically gifted, but I know how I learn.

I signed up to attend twice a week from now on. My body already feels much better, from just 3 classes.