Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 215 of 365 - Bench Press

Warm Up
Elliptical - 10 minutes at level 12, cool down to < 125bpm
Foam roller and mobility with 12k kettlebell

Bench Press - 5 x 45, 85, 100; 10 x 110lbs
One Arm Rows - 10/10 x 24k
KB Clean and Press - 10 x 20k's

My shoulders were crunchy while benching. It did not feel great. I just could not find a groove today.

I told myself on the clean and presses, if I got a set of 10, I could stop for the day. I did it. Now I'll work on adding those across. I think that set was a 2 rep PR at this weight.

I short changed my sleep again last night. I have a big release coming up and have been burning the candle at both ends to prepare for it. My pace is not sustainable. I need to dial back soon.