Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 221 of 365 - Yoga

Yoga had an interesting dynamic this morning. I was feeling weak but more flexible than usual. I was kind of able to do chatarunga at the start of class, but it quickly faded, until about 30 minutes in I was just plopping on to the mat. My right shoulder is by far my weakest link.

We did more upper body binds than usual. This is really good for me. It makes my shoulder restrictions and imbalance quite obvious. I assume practicing movements that highlight my limitations will gradually improve them. If I had the discipline to practice yoga on my own, just think what might happen...

The instructor only offered once class today, so the room was really full. I would estimate at least 25 people. This meant people were on all sides of me, including several who were advanced in their practice. It was great to see how the "hard" modifications to the asanas work, even though I have no intention of doing them.

I did notice that some people (the young women and middle aged men, it seemed) will insist upon trying to force the hardest variation of a movement, no matter what. Even if the easier version still has a lot left to offer, they struggle mightily against the "extreme" pose.

I realize this reflects a lack of focus on my part, but I found all their wobbling very distracting. It also reinforced my commitment to a "do the simple movements well" strategy. Yoga is about being with my limits, not showing off for the person next to me.