Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 229 of 365 - Bench Press

Warm Up
Elliptical - 10 minutes at level 12, cool down to < 120bpm
Foam roller and mobility with 12k kettlebell

Bench Press - 5 x 45, 100; 3 x 110; 10 x 125lbs
One Arm Rows - 5 x 10/10 x 24k
KB Clean and Press - 5 x 5/5 x 20k's

Bench felt as good as it ever does. I am 2-3 cycles away from needing an alternate solution for getting the weight over my chest. Currently I just clean it, sit down on my bench and lay back. With light, 10 rep weights, this works well enough. I am approaching moderate weights that will require something more. I hate to buy racks for an exercise I traditionally have not been able to do. Maybe I can roll the bar up my body or switch to dumbbells.

My hips and lower back were cramping all day Sunday. While they finally released during my warm up this morning, I opted to take it easy with low reps on the clean and press. At least the cold has subsided enough that I could do all 5 sets across.

One more workout, then it's deload week. I might try to fit an extra yoga session in on Saturday, to make up for missing last week and to groove what I learn this Thursday.