Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 235 of 365 - Yoga

This morning it felt like I was in a completely different yoga class. With the tweaks from Thursday, muscular strength is almost totally removed as a limiting factor. Over the course of just one class, I could feel myself opening much further. I also gassed out more quickly and could not participate in a decent part of the core work. My conditioning ought to improve rapidly though.

Between aggressively cleaning the Manduka mat and keeping a towel at the end of it for my hands, the slipping issue has been mostly resolved. The mat is good enough now, and I think it will keep getting better with time.

I blew my eating out budget for the week - $28 at Gordon Biersch. Salad, pizza and dessert. I didn't even get a beer or an appetizer. It was the best meal I have had in at least a month though. Food does not get any better. Groceries for the week have run under, at $30, but I'll probably spend that last $5 mid-week.