Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 249 of 365 - Yoga

Class this morning was uneventful. I do not think I did any new movements. The instructor switched up our flow enough that I could not anticipate what was coming next for most of class. It was entertaining.

My single biggest impediment to an actual flow is now the transition between chatarunga and up dog. My shoulders shrug towards my ears as I go down, then when I press up, it feels like the impingement test my physical therapist and ortho did to diagnose my shoulder problem. I suspect this is a strength issue in my upper/mid back, so for now I am just fighting like heck to keep the shoulders down and back, then skipping the transition between moves once I get tired. Maybe if I try to lift my chest while I drop down, that will help.

If it is not sorted by the end of the month, I'll work it into another private session with the yoga teacher. 4 more weeks should be enough time for everything I learned from her to become habit or need to be re-taught.

I have to miss Tuesday's class, but I think I'll be able to make it up on Thursday. Lifting 3x a week instead of 4x has really introduced a lot of flexibility into my schedule.

I am on track with my grocery and eating out budgets.