Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 274 of 365 - Yoga

Yoga went well. Tonight's sub teacher turned out to be very good. She kept the room 5-10 degrees cooler, sequenced a little differently, and I did not gas out at all. She was young and a little nervous, but I am ok with that. We spent a lot of time in hip openers, which is always great for me. I left class calmer than I entered. Total win.

I have been shopping for squat / bench stands. I don't want to commit the space to a rack, but am getting frustrated with how much a nice set of welded stands cost. The $270 I can handle, but freight is another $175. I' can get something bolt together for about $200, but I don't really want made in China junk. I may have to settle for just doing higher reps on my bench and squats. Maybe something used will show up on craigslist eventually.