Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 275 of 365 - May in Review

May in Review

May was spent grinding towards my goals.

1. Lifting - I finished my 6th cycle of 5/3/1. I do not see myself deviating from this program for a very long time. I ordered the 2nd edition of the book and tweaked my plan based on the updated content. Nothing remarkable, but it's great to have my lifting on autopilot. I sold $80 of old lifting stuff on craigslist, and have another $150 or so up for sale. Once it's gone, I am likely to use the proceeds towards squat / bench stands.

2. Eat on $4 a day - Yoga seems to impair my appetite. I easily hit my planned $35/week at the store, $20/week eating out. This went so well, in fact, that I was able to use most of last week's store budget on junk food. The week before, I spent the whole store budget on eating out... Clearly I am spending more than I need. I am going to drop both budgets by $5/week for June. Assuming the change sticks, it frees up $520/yr in my budget. The pressure cooker arrived, but I still need to learn to use it. That will also happen in June. I am slowly working through old food that has accumulated in the kitchen. When I finish a week with no food left in the kitchen, then I'll know my grocery budget is spot on

3. Be social - Now that I am in the habit, this is proving easy and rewarding. Yoga will increase to 3x a week in June. My wife and I are attending one of her coworker's weddings at the end of the month. We're trying to setup a trip to Shedd with some friends. I ought to see my parents a few times through the month. I expect a couple lunches to come up. Socializing takes effort, but it is working out well.

4. Maintain my home - The ripped screen got repaired, thanks to the local hardware store. I swept the basement for the first time in several years. I identified about 50 things I no longer need, moved them to the garage and started getting rid of them. That's about it. Who knows what will happen in June. We really ought to get the deck resealed, the bathroom tub re-caulked and the attic inspected. I hate this stuff though.

5. Excel as a quality engineer - This month was focused on foundation work. The environment sync finished. A few members of my team went to training on build servers. I handed over some non-QA related tasks to another team, which will free 1-2 days a month up in my schedule. A new IT team member was hired, who I am pretty sure can only make my life easier. June looks like it will be heavy on the security and documentation side of things. In other words - boooring. The important stuff is not always fun though.

Another decent month. More is fitting into my weeks, even though I do not feel any busier. I am fortunate.