Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 277 of 365 - Yoga

This morning's yoga class was very busy. The normal instructor was back though, which makes me happy. Her sequence was the easiest of any I did in the last two weeks. It meant I could actually keep up and try to focus on the details.

The biggest miss I have right now is syncing my breathing with my movement. It is a fundamental part of doing yoga (vs. exercising), and I am just ignoring it. I am going to make breathing a focus during the classes where I can keep up.

I gave wheel another try at the end of class. Not yet. I was able to do it an hour later on the floor of my parents house. Go figure.

This evening I made my first attempt at cooking rice in the pressure cooker. I say attempt, because I almost turned it into paste. I think it will be firm enough to eat mixed in my lentils, but it would be really gross in a stir fry. I should have cooked it for 15 minutes instead of 20 or done a better job controlling the pressure. I'll do better next time.