Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 290 of 365 - Bench Press

Warm Up
Walk half a mile
Foam roller, stretching and mobility with 12k kettlebell

Bench Press - 5 x 45; 5 x 100, 3 x 110; 5 x 125lbs
One Arm Rows - 3 x 5/5 x 28k
KB Clean and Press - 3 x 3 x 24k's

My right shoulder was extra crunchy on the heavy set of bench. I opted to cut it short even though I probably had the strength. There is a series of stretches to help my shoulder that I usually do in the evening. I have slacked off on them lately.

My thought was yoga 3 times a week would take care of things. Unfortunately, it does not. I went through the series this evening, and my shoulder immediately started feeling better. I am going to see if I can fit the stretches in at the start of yoga, prior to class.