Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 293 of 365 - Yoga

The yoga studio was too hot today. I guess turning the AC on is not in the spirit of yoga in a warm room, but I could not handle the heat. I had to dial way back on my intensity and was still totally drained at the end of class. Now that I know what the heat means, I may have to adjust my schedule on the warmest days - taking either the latest class or an early morning one.

I cooked navy bean soup in the pressure cooker yesterday. Unfortunately it is terrible. The soup mix said to add the seasoning packet at the start of cooking if using a crock pot. I figured a pressure cooker is just a really fast crock pot, so I followed those instructions. It turns out you never want to add salt to beans before cooking them. The skin hardens and the beans never absorb enough water to soften, ending up wtih a grainy texture. The soup is tolerable enough that I can get it down, but I am looking forward to when it is finished.