Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 297 of 365 - Yoga

Yoga came a day early this week, since I expect a late evening tonight. Class was taught by Sophia - she was calm, kept the room relatively cool and counted fast. I was very happy. Since I had not been since Tuesday, this session was just about re-opening my body. I did a lot of sitting and walking around in my sandals this week, and my calves were especially tight as a result.

Coming off the yoga high, I ate some breakfast in my car and headed over to Aldi for groceries. I ran a dollar over my $30 budget, but am stocked up. I did blow my eating out budget last week ($39 vs. the $15 target), so I am going to try and watch it this week.

I have black bean soup going in the pressure cooker right now, with no salt. Assuming the beans cook properly, this should be very good. I used fresh garlic for the first time ever - my wife had to show my how  I did finish last weeks marginal navy bean soup last night. Adding some peas when reheating helped, by balancing the texture of the crunchy beans.