Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 321 of 365 - Yoga

I did yoga on my own, for an entire hour. I planned what I would do ahead of time, basing it on the structure I inferred from classes at the studio. From what I can tell, the teacher breaks classes into 6 segments, each about 10 minutes long:

1. Warm Up
2. Flow
3. Lunges, All 4's, Twists
4. Face the wall, Balances
5. Prone, Supine, Abs
6. Hip Opener, Inversion and Cool down

While I had a high level structure, I did find my sequencing was far from seamless. I might know what happens, but I do not know how to string it all together and create a fluid series of movements. I also found that without someone pushing the pace, I hold each pose significantly longer, resulting in fewer total moves.

Overall though, I managed to break a good sweat and loosen up. The big upside of leading my own practice was controlling how long I spent in a given pose. I could linger on something that felt especially worthwhile, or even spend more time on one side if it was considerably tighter than the other.

I am far from doing yoga by myself on a regular basis, but it will get rotated in a few times a month. Now that I have a framework to build upon, I expect my ability to sequence will rapidly improve. I was having trouble memorizing the entire class, but chunking it into 10 minute segments will make remembering what happens much easier.