Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 324 of 365 - Yoga

I dragged myself out of bed for the 7:15 class. Including me, there were only 3 students, so the teacher did yoga with us. I was pleased. I appreciate the chance to see how she does what she says and experience the influence her participation has on the sequencing.

The pace of class was a little lower key today, and I welcomed it. I was able to keep up the entire time. I tried opening my arms on the twists, but otherwise did nothing new. My ankles were clearly tired from doing yoga on my own earlier this week.

Having tried the yoga on my own, I had much better perspective to pick up on the patterns in the class. There were a few things I just missed when I made up my 10 minute segments. I'll clean those up for next time I do yoga on my own. I also found it far easier to anticipate where the teacher was going.

I think I realized a key element of why the class sequences are always so seamless. Each move has a small set of moves you can enter or exit it with. Once those are memorized, it's just a matter of picking the moves for the day and linking them together. I suspect an experienced teacher thinks a few moves ahead, and that is what creates the sense of fluidity.

I already have a list of the moves. I am going track how they link. Then I can use the links to diagram how the moves relate and use that to plan my sequencing. In the process, I'll memorize the relationships and be able to use them for improvisation. I doubt sequencing is presented to yoga instructors like this (reducing the physical practice to traversal of a flowchart doesn't seem in the spirit of yoga), but I think it will work fantastically well for me. It should also improve my ability to predict what the teacher is going to call out in class, making it easier to keep up.

I better search for a baptiste yoga flow chart before I start. I know what I'm doing this weekend