Friday, August 31, 2012

Goals for 2012 - 2013

My focus this year is on using resources more effectively. Lately I have felt overwhelmed, and it has impaired my quality of life. I will resolve that by focusing on just four complementary goals.

1. Move well
I will lead an active lifestyle by adopting the listed behaviors, tracking workouts on paper only.

1.1 Lift 4x a week, following 5/3/1
1.2 Yoga 2-3x a week
1.3 Walk most days, weather accommodating
2. Beat the internet
Spending less time online makes life better. I will:

2.1 Time box and track work hours, ensuring a fair work week for the company and myself
2.2 Continue using online tools that save time (banking, shopping, email, etc.)
2.3 Eliminate online escapes (forums, news, comics, flash games, youtube, etc.)

I have a proven inability to moderate, so wide swaths of the internet will either be in or out. This means loss of things I enjoy, but there is not another approach I will stick with. Making this happen will free an embarrassing amount of time, upwards of 20 hours a week.

3. Make money work
When it comes to money, I have the mentality of a chipmunk. Instead of using it as a resource, I just hoard whatever I can get. I will do two things to change that:

3.1 Buy time, paying up to $10/hr
3.2 Learn financial math, using it to model and analyze my investment strategy
4. Leave the basement
While my social life now has some inertia, if I do not make a continued effort, it will rapidly regress to playing video games in the basement. I will make a point to:

4.1 Spend time with people
4.2 Do more than just eat and drink

This set of goals is much more qualitative than last years. Some of the initial changes will be hard, but sustained over the year, they will lead to a much higher quality of life. I am optimistic about the results and excited to get started.