Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yoga Basics Workshop

I attended a 2 hour yoga basics seminar on 9/22/2012. These were my take aways:

1. Down dog - when I lift my leg, I need to make sure my hips are actually stacked vertically. I tend to only bend my leg, instead of fully stacking the hips.

2. Crescent Lunge to Warrior 3 transition - The focus point for my eyes should move from the wall to the floor, instead of starting at the floor. This allows for more complete extension in Warrior 3.

3. Down Dog to Warrior 1 transition - my front foot should land with my pinky toe next to my thumb. Even knowing this, I can only come so close before my body gets in the way.

4. Utkatasana - It is worth separating the feet a little to get my legs to parallel. The movement actually loads my muscles when I do this and becomes much harder.

5. Half Pigeon - It is better to focus on getting my front leg parallel to the front of my mat, than to focus on bending over further. I should also be able to support my weight when upright, using that time to look over my shoulder and ensure my back leg is straight.

6. Crescent Lunge with Twist - I tried this using a block. It was really hard. I am no where close to doing it during class, but it was interesting to try.

7. Chatarunga - Doing this movement while cold is really hard on my shoulders and wrists. It made me appreciate the benefit of warmth generated during the normal class flow.

Given that we covered 16 poses over two hours, I expected to have more take aways. Either I have learned a lot over the past 6 months, or I did a poor job paying attention. Either way, I did have fun, and it was a worthwhile investment of my time.