Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013 Review

February was a great month for yoga. Everything else suffered.

1. Move better - I completed 28 yoga classes in 28 days. Yoga improved dramatically, lifting regressed slightly. I need rest. I am tired of so much activity and eating to support it.

I obtained the DVDs / videos from the yoga instructor leading my June workshop and am working through them. I am in way over my head. I will be "worse" at yoga than just about everyone at the seminar. That means I get to learn the most, I suppose.

Next month I'll drop down to 3 yoga studio visits a week, with a double on Saturdays. I'll resume lifting normally. I may try to introduce short home yoga sessions, to start on the Ashtanga yoga primary series for the seminar. I'll return to eating normally as well.

2. Beat the internet - This was much improved over January. Quite simply, I didn't have time to play on the internet.

Time boxing work went fine, but I failed to track my time again. With the extra yoga and new hires, I was too busy to worry about managing time perfectly. I probably did some extra work, but that's ok. I was too tired to do anything else anyway.

Next month I may need to re-focus on time tracking, as I'll have a lot more free time available.

3. Make my money work - Grocery spending remained relatively low. I updated my budget for 2013. I am tiring of my nutritional crutches, which tend to be expensive, so that could lead to some savings next month. With so little free time, I had few discretionary expenses.

I finished the investing book. I'm not sure I see the value in pursuing a more complex investment strategy. The learning involved to gain an advantage would take years. It makes more financial sense to spend that energy on my career. My career is more fun than complicated math, too.

I'm not sure if / when I'll re-introduce video games, now that I've finished the investing book. Scotch might see a minor re-introduction, but given the yoga seminar is only 3 months away, it would have to be very limited.

4. Socialize - Yoga was my primary social outlet this month. I did share a few meals with people, but that was about it.

Next month, I'm hosting a party. I'll also start reaching out to people and try to re-fill my calendar.

February was fun, but I'm excited to return to a more balanced life in March.