Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 Review

June was a month of transition.

1. Deepen my Yoga Practice - Home practice went well, with 3-4 sessions per week. My focus remains on opening the hamstrings and shoulder girdle.

The new online class vendor turned out to be a waste of money - young fit people teaching overly aggressive vinyasa, or rock star teachers catering to them in poorly filmed 90 minute workshops. I went for the cheapest option, and it shows in the quality. I'm out $20, but know to stick with My Yoga Works or Yoga Glo. My Yoga Works did another 6 weeks free due to system issues, so I am all set for awhile.

The pranayama course met 4 times. We've focused almost entirely on the mechanics, covering very little on the relationship of the breath work to the movement of prana or any of the associated ideas. I have been fitting in 15-20 minutes of practice several times a week, reviewing what we've covered in the course. I'm not confident I'll stick with it. There's a lesson in that resistance, I'm sure.

I bought a 20 class pack at the nearest studio that was on a great sale, so I'm back doing Sunday morning yoga with my primary teacher. I really enjoy his classes, even if the expense in not strictly necessary to deepen my practice.

The yoga anatomy teacher has been travelling, so I was limited to one class with her. I did use the last two sessions of my class pack at the studio. It'll be awhile before I drop another $140 on classes. There are a couple Sunday afternoon workshops I'd like to take in July, but I'm on the fence about spending the time and money. I think my understanding of proper alignment is solid now, any real growth has to be earned through regular practice. I'd primarily be attending to hang out and be entertained. It might still be worth it, just not for the purpose of deepening my practice.

I finished reading the yoga sutras commentary from last month, but didn't get much from the final 2 chapters. Too advanced for me, I guess.

2. Class IV Strength - Mid month, I decided it's time to scale back the food and weights for awhile. My motivation was gone, my yoga was suffering, and despite Summer just starting, I was uncomfortably hot all the time.  I am taking a break from 5/3/1 and the barbell, instead opting for light kettlebells, high reps and short rest periods. Supplements remain the same. I've introduced a morning walk, too early to tell if it will stick around.

I'll use 12 weeks to slowly move my calories into a valley, then back up. I'd like have my walking around weight, at full maintenance calories, in the low 150's by fall. I'll use the fall to stabilize, then resume 5/3/1 and heavier eating over the cold winter months. Almost immediately upon changing my calories, my body started running cooler. Very welcome in the hot weather.

3. Advance my Profession - My team has two new hires planned, one who is going to help me. Some time this month focused on breaking my role into jobs, then figuring out what will offload to the new hire. Ultimately, this means more time playing with new technology for me. Near term it means my extra tech time is spent on hiring and training. At least it is forward progress.

Specific achievements for the month:

- Testing to remove two browser versions from support for our main product is under-way
- I adjusted my schedule to reduce some stress that arises twice a month, that I think directly contributed to me getting sick in April and May

June was pretty slow overall. Team building, vacation, testing, hiring - let's call it foundation work. July will be similar.

4. Connect - Meeting my objective metric did not go well. Managing work stress has been problematic. I am struggling to find a good solution.

There was some great team building with work early in the month. I spent a lot of time with my parents, got together with friends a few times. I am getting to know people at the more serious yoga studio.

July I've got more vacation time coming, a friend visiting for a week, and lots of yoga planned. It will be a fun month, though a bit light on the career side of things. I am happy to spend my Summer this way.