Saturday, July 4, 2015

June 2015 Review

June finished on July 3rd this year.

1. Pain Free Daily Yoga - Practice happened 4-5x a week, with pranayama 3-4 evenings a week. No yoga related pain. I dropped the vinyasa class, since the studio keeps changing the teacher. I took a workshop on detachment that proved worthwhile. I'll watch for more instruction by the presenter.

I ground through the last 60% of Anatomy of Hatha Yoga. The book provided huge amounts of useful information that I am working on integrating into my practice. I don't have the patience to type it all out, but it marks an inflection point in my practice. I'm putting any further reading on hold for awhile, so I can take the time to synthesize everything I read.

Seated pranayama is hard. My current practice includes 10 minutes of it, and I'm still fighting with finding a comfortable seat. I got a zafu cushion for sitting cross legged and am playing around with swastikasana. Before I move forward into the seated pranayama course, I need to get it worked out.

Trying to practice in the morning did not work. I have to let that ideal go for now.

July yoga will build on the lessons from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga. No workshops, no special classes, no new books.

2. 1 2 3 at 145 - I continue on 5/3/1. My strength is up a little. My weight has risen to the mid-160s. Eating at home has gone well, but I like eat out and have high calorie meals. Deep dish pizza, dessert, Indian buffet, etc. These drive my daily total way over target, and the frequency has been high.

With two months left in the goal year, it's clear I'm not going to hit both the strength targets and the weight target. Given my recent performance, I am going to focus on holding weight steady and try to hit what I can of the strength targets.

My deadlift is within 10lbs. All it will take is a day where I am motivated and feeling strong. I tested my back squat this week and hit 205 for a double. Since I haven't back squatted in 6 months, I think a 6 week cycle will give me 225. My press has been slowly improving since injuring my shoulder last year. I don't think 135 is within reach, but I might be able to hit match my pre-injury PR. Given that I set the goal prior to realizing how injured my shoulder was, I will be happy with that.

My next 5/3/1 cycle starts 7/11 and end 8/28. Given that the goal is to hit my strength numbers, I am going to experiment with adding in Wendler's Joker sets. Maybe they will help. I will also switch all my accessory work over to high reps and short rest periods, since I expect to expend most of my energy on the main lift.

I have tried some days with no caffeine. Comparing the days with and the days without, even a single bag of green tea in the morning correlates with poor sleep. It's hard to know if that is the caffeine, or if I tend to drink caffeine on days that will be high stress and lead to poor sleep. Thus far, I like my tea too much to completely skip it and find out.

Supplements remain constant - flax, dha, protein, creatine, multi-vitamin. Still no vitamin D. I am almost out of creatine and will order them at the same time.

I think my lifting would benefit from moving to a serious lifting gym. Surrounding myself with people far stronger than me, that know what they are doing, could only help. I have not seen a way to fit this into my schedule, but I am mulling it over. I have been doing less lifting at home, and more at the the box gym. It helps a little.

3. Advance my Profession - I will devote 100% of professional development in 2015 to my current employer. This will no longer be a public goal.

4. Connect - I did poorly at my objective metric. Time with family and friends was consistent.

The new time management approach started to falter. I am tired of constantly managing my schedule with my phone. I will try making it less granular.

Separating my bed time from my wife's has been a failure, with her coming to bed 3-5 hours later than me. When there is less overlap in our days, we get less time together, regardless of what the calendar shows. Since a big part of this goal is maximizing quality time with her, bed times have to change back.

June was not a great goal month. Maybe July will be better.